Wakendaw Lakes Civic Association Board 2017

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Email us at WLBoard@gmail.com

Officers and Committees

President  Pat Neuhaus
Vice President  E. Reid Green
Treasurer TBD
Membership Committee Helen Murphy, Chair
Landscape Committee  Sue Brush, Chair
Social Committee Danielle Couch Chair, Laura Young,
Reid Green
Real Estate Committee Jeanie Acsell
Architectural Review Rick Bunch, Chair
Crime Watch Vanessa Tiffany, Chair
Pres. Lake Corp. Eric Anderson
Pres. Women’s Club Barbara Powell
Pres. W. East Jeanie Acsell
Pres. Manor Lane Rick Bunch
Pres. W. on-the-Creek Marion Bull


Diane Anderson 216-8658 WLCAnews@yahoo.com
Rob Duren 532-8403 Distribution
Christine Majernik Green Bag Designs 860-1944 Webmaster

Board Members

Sue Brush
Danielle Couch
Rob Duren
Georganne Haney
Pat Harvin
John Marflak
Cliff Melton
Helen Murphy
Vanessa Tiffany
Laura Young